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Don’t you just love it when a photo exposes the inner most being of a person? Their soul. That is why I am curiously different. I am after the soul behind the smile, the frown, the tear.

I am a Tasmanian based photographer that lives in Hobart with my family. I travel all over the world for my clients, so don’t let location get in the way of getting the perfect photo’s for you.

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Gustav L


About Me

People are amazingly special to me! Over the 7 years as a professional  photographer I have photographed about 100 weddings and countless corporate portraits and every time I photograph one, I feel so blessed and privileged. Each session is different and uniquely beautiful.

A wedding day is full of anticipation and stress and part of my job is to ensure wedding couples do not stress about the photos. Your mind should be focussed on enjoying your wedding to the fullest, not spent worrying about the photographer. I truly want the wedding to be just about the celebration of love, and for couples to have the most fun that they can be squeezed into that “short” day. The more fun the better the photo’s.

It’s your special day and my aim is to make that lasting memory perfect. To do this, I style my images around the concept of your wedding. I look for the moments that are easily missed. The “in-between”moments. A wink here and a glance there, nothing escapes my lens. As a wedding photographer, I know how important this is, as it will bring your wedding to life. Every time you look at a your wedding photo’s in your album, in your wallet or on your wall, a flood of precious memories will rush back. Now, that’s celebrating love!

Marriage is truly a gift from God, and I can only thank my Saviour Jesus Christ for the talent and passion to share, capture and enhance the experience of this holiest of unions.

GustavL Life & Love Wedding Photography Tasmania

GustavL Life & Love Wedding Photography Tasmania

Why Me

GustavL Life & Love Wedding Photography Tasmania


More than anything, I aspire to enhance your experience.
I do that by having fun with you.
It is the single most important aspect of your day.

GustavL Life & Love Wedding Photography Tasmania


Special captured moments have a knack of being magical. That is where your tonality or theme and my photography style come together and create a visual fairy tale with you playing the lead characters. And they lived happily ever after.

GustavL Life & Love Wedding Photography Tasmania


My forté. Photographing timeless moments. But more than that, there are moments that happen in between. Captured, they create the special memories that bring your event, wedding holiday back to life whenever you see them.

Gustav is just the ultimate photographer out there, he made us all look and feel like models. He made sure to capture every special moment so we can keep it for eternity.

Marishca Du Plessis

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GustavL Life & Love Wedding Photography Tasmania